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Discover your How of Meaning

Maria Grazia SerraCharacter Strengths Coach MBSP Certified PractitionerPositive Psychology Practitioner

Life is continuous becoming.

How can we thrive from change? 

Thrive with the How of Meaning!

Only when we can deeply understand what is happening to us and tie it to our identity are we able to treasure it in order to live to the fullest. 
This is the How of Meaning
Learn how you can understand and improve your How of Meaning by reconnecting with your most authentic self, your strengths of character.
By using them consciously, you can choose to be  the best version of yourself and thrive.

Discover your How of Meaning with me.


About me

How are human beings at their best, and how can I help so that they are?

This is the question that has driven my entire professional experience.
My expertise combines experience in talent recognition and development accumulated in business, with the application of tools offered by positive psychology in the context of individual and group coaching and trainings.
I dream of a world where we all have the opportunity to be at our best and I work passionately towards this goal, with my clients, with my family and friends, with myself.

My three pillars

I accompany my clients to rediscover the way to reconnect with their essence and enhance their best traits, to put them into action and eventually find the lost sense of purpose and meaning in their lives.
Reconnecting with your essence requires awareness, compassion, practice

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    Know your authentic character, explore it, recognize it through the history of your actions, while you learn to recognize strengths in others and yourself.

    How are you when you are at your best and your actions are purposeful and meaningful to you? What are your strengths and how do you use them in the best possible way? You will discover yours through a research-based method which combines the use of activities, reflections and sharing, with powerful psychometric tools.

    Discover your strengths profile with me.  We'll explore how you can learn to modulate and drive them, so that you can be your own pilot.

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    Love yourself, understand your strengths and weaknesses, accept yourself kindly for what you are and for what you can be.

    In the daily routine of habits we can lose touch with what really happens around us and sometimes even in ourselves. And we end up losing sense of meaning and purpose, and eventually confidence in our abilities. Here we lose touch with the potential of our strengths.You will have opportunities to experience self-forgiveness for not being perfect, and embrace the extraordinary value of your unique and authentic self.

    Learn the transformative power of mindfulness practice infused with strengths with me.Experience the power of practicing being your authentic self in a compassionate and benevolent way.

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    Implement the best version of yourself, to achieve your goals, build satisfying relationships, experience greater subjective well-being.

    Knowing your most authentic character and staying in touch with it in a compassionate way is an explosive change: it breaks the gray wall of habit and opens the way to subjective well-being, making us strong.However, even a huge change needs to be consolidated for it to bear fruit over time.With the use of different tools, such as meditation and other interventions validated by science, you will be able to experiment in how many ways you can consolidate the interesting discoveries you will make about yourself.

    Learn how to stay true to yourself, incorporating the best practices for you into your daily life, so that you will never lose contact with your inner treasure again.

Experience the meaning of having greater well-being and greater effectiveness together! Contact me to find out about the Mindfulness-Based Strengths Practice.


A program designed to improve one's well-being and become a master of oneself.

Strengths of character, as identified by psychosocial research in positive psychology, represent our best traits and our very identity. When we use them consciously they give us well-being, make us effective and are essential for us.
Over the millennia, meditation has proven its effectiveness in allowing greater balance, calm, physical and mental health.
The MBSP combines these two approaches to achieve a multiplied effect, proven by several studies, to obtain a myriad of benefits for well-being, including self-acceptance, positive relationships with others and with oneself, control of environment, positive emotions, meaning and purpose in life.


How it goes

The program takes place face-to-face or online, and is divided into 8 group meetings of 2 hours each - one meeting per week for 8 weeks. The participants, through a guided path of practical activities, experiences and sharing, learn to use the tools offered by the program to become a master of themselves.

  • MBSP has a unique positive effect on building relationships.

  • MBSP helps to increase well-being and at the same time manage deficits.

  • MBSP has a positive effect on 100% of the participants according to a recent multicultural study.

Coaching and Training Services

Coaching of groups/individuals

Discover your strengths and put them to work towards specific goals. 
Enjoy the compassionate and nurturing space and allow your best to flourish.

Workshops & Webinars

Feel the choral experience of grow and discover how the group can become an open environment filled with compassion and wisdom. 
Find out how participating in my workshops can unleash your inner treasure.


In organizations where collaborators' strengths of character are recognized, engagement is higher and dropout is lower.
Find out how the nurturing culture of character strengths can help your organization thrive.

What my clients say

I lead the Mindfulness-Based Strengths Practice (MBSP) for individuals and companies, both in groups and individually. Here is what the participants in the MBSP facilitated by me say.

"Curiosity and awareness of character strengths open up tolerance toward self and others improving the quality of life for everyone. Thank you!"


"It helped me identify my own and others' strengths and thus change my perspective."


"Once you start the program, you start noticing the little things: suddenly the world is full of beauty. It made me feel better and counterbalance my tendency to focus on negative thoughts and ruminate.”


"This has been a life changing opportunity for me. Seeing the world through strengths helps feeling better. I have really improved some difficult relationships!”


"Of the many things that struck me, perhaps what struck me most is the fact that such a "simple" basic concept as character strengths can affect you in a positive way immediately, almost instantly after you begin to apply the concept in your own life."


“The course has initiated many positive effects on my relationships, both familial and professional. In the family, taking time for myself, for meditation and practices, has helped me to refocus: taking care of me makes me feel good, so I'm calmer with others as well. At work, I've learned to look for character strengths in people I don't get along with very well. Through this practice, I can appreciate certain sides of those people and therefore have a better professional relationship.”


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